Comparison between Hiking and Trekking

It is essential to know the difference between hiking and trekking so that you can choose the right adventure for yourself. Safety is also very important, and you need to select an activity from these two that suits both your physical and psychological abilities.


Hiking is an outdoor activity which means to walk in a natural environment, often in mountain or terrain. This is usually half-day to one-day tour like the German Alps. The terrain varies from relatively flat to sleep. Hiking can be along with a coastline like hiking the Cinque Terre in Italy or Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Most of the hiking tours finish in the same place that you have started. It can be either from Hiking a loop or returning the same way. Most of the people hike usually range between 6 to 12 hours. But. You can also hike as long as you want.


Trekking is similar to hiking, but the difference is treks are longer than hikes. When I say longer, it does not mean they can take a couple of hours. These trips usually take two or more days. It means you have to set up camp (bring all of your food and equipment).

Best thing in trekking is adventure and difficulties. You have to start from one point, and you may not end it at the same spot.

If you want to have the best trekking experience, then it is must have a basic knowledge of camp craft, map reading and first aid are essential before you go trekking.

Trekking is one of the best adventure activity in many terms. You will have a very good physical exercise, and unique learning experience as mountains will teach you a lot about life. By being open and excepting of new experiences, you allow yourselves to enhance your knowledge and further your understanding of the world and yourself.

When you are on trekking or hiking for a whole day, you are burning a lot of calories throughout the day. At the time of Trekking or Hiking, a normal person carries around 20 pounds in his/her backpack, and when you trek for a long time, you burn more than 500 calories every hour.

The Stress is a part of everyone’s daily life nowadays and when you go for trekking or hiking, you are exposed to the beauty of nature which helps you to get relieved from all of your stress.

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